A Week of Trim Healthy Mama Meals

Feedback that I have been receiving is that you just want someone to tell you want to eat. You want to start NOW! Well, now you can.

When most of us start reading Trim Healthy Mama, we instinctively know that this style of eating is a healthy way to eat. We can see how it will help control our blood sugar levels and, therefore, our weight. We want to jump right in. For some of us, it is so different to how we have thought about food in the past that integrating all this new information into an actual working meal plan is a tad overwhelming. All we really want is someone to hand us a meal plan full of Trim Healthy Mama Meals.

I wrote this meal plan for a friend who was starting out and I thought that maybe someone else could benefit from the plan. Most of the recipes come from the book, Trim Healthy Mama, with a few family favorites thrown in. One of the keys for me in making this plan work is to adjust the recipes that my family love and eat regularly. Usually, only a few tweaks are all that is needed. So if you are new and wondering how to start, print out the meal plan below and jump right into eating Trim healthy Mama style while you slowly work your way through the Trim Healthy Mama book.


You can download the menu planner here:  Aussie Mamas Meal Planner Week 1 (


Enjoy! I would love for you to comment with how you go with the meal plan.





  1. Olivia Owens

    Could you possibly make up a shopping list to go with this that would be great thanks

  2. Just thought I would add a word of encouragement on your menu planner. I know as we have 7 children (13 down to 9months) that this would have taken a lot of time and love to put together for others starting out on THM. I would have loved this when I first started this (7 months ago). I talked to a friend today who is planning on buying the book and I will put her onto this. FANTASTIC job! God bless you. Mel

    • Thank you for your kind words. It did take a long time but it is a labour of love as I want women to have food freedom. If I can help at all I will.


      I totally agree Mel. Thankyou Donna, as I’ve been reading the book for over 6 maybe even 12 months and just keep thinking, this is not do able as its all so American. Thankyou for your your love, commitment and dedication to us aussie mamas.

  3. Hi All,

    Woops! and sorry, the pdf link for this Meal Planner was broken. It should be fixed now!

    Or go to:


  4. This is such a blessing! Thank you. It’s great to have a plan that’s doable for a large family. Can you tell me how you do your chilli con carne to make it an E? Also the lemon chicken crock pot recipe? Thanks for all time you have put into this.

  5. Hi Donna, thank you for your help. I’ve bought the e-book version of THM because the printed book was too expensive to get here in Australia. I’m finding it a little hard to follow as I don’t have the benefit of flicking though actual pages with my highlighter and post it notes in hand.

    I’ve just read through your meal planner. Now I’m more confused lol. I thought that I had to eat S meals at every meal if I wanted to lose weight, and just an E meal every now and then, but I noticed that you alternate both types of meals throughout the day and even throw in some FP meals.

    Could I eat mainly S meals if I want to? Or is this not balanced enough? Thank you for your help xx

    • Hello Joy,

      I am sorry that I may have confused you. This plan can be tricky to get your head around for the first few months. I just watched Serene and Pearl’s talk and they said expect to fail and mess it up at first. It is not what we are use to thinking and so it will take awhile to get our head around it.

      The first thing to think about is that our body needs fuel. Foods can be classified for the main part into one of two kinds of fuel – sugar (carbs) and fat. When we eat our body will burn the sugar first and then because it has satisfied its fuel needs, it will store any excess fuel, either excess sugars (because we tend to eat too many carbs etc in our Western diet) and then any fat in the meal will be also stored (both as fat). In this state it will never burn any excess fat we may be storing in our cells prior to the meal. And that is the story of weight gain.

      For weight loss, using the THM guidelines, we want to feed our bodies only 1 source of fuel at each meal time – either sugar in the form of carbs or fat, never both at once if we are looking to lose weight. When we do this, our body will burn the fuel provided in the meal and then as it will require more fuel, it will go to our fat stores and start burning fat for fuel – and that is the secret for weight loss.

      So, whether you eat a meal of fat (S meal) or a sugar/carb meal (E), the one thing you need to do is to only provide one fuel source. That is why you can have an S meal and it be a weight loss meal, or an E meal and it also be a weightless meal.

      When we first start on this way of eating, many people will stick to S meals a lot as it is a way to empty our glycogen stores ( don’t worry about what that is just yet) and because they are easier to get our head around. This is ok, but once our glycogen stores are empty, our body needs the carbs for energy. If we just stick to S meals, we will start to become tired and lacking energy. That’s way the E meals are named that – energising.

      If we also just eat S meals, our body gets use to burning fat for fuel and not carbs and then it adapts, lowers its metabolism and you stop losing weight. THM is all about not letting your body adapt to one way of eating. When we change up the fuel source, it keeps our body guessing which in turn keeps our metabolism revving.

      Does that make sense? IF not please keep asking questions until you get because this will set you free from your food worries and weight worries if you have them. Hang in there, play around and you will get it.

      Thanks for writing and asking questions, I love to help.

      Blessings to you and yours,


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    • I am not sure but will ask my Hubby to look in to it. Is there a way you can unsubscribe? We will work on it tonight. I am sorry for that annoying glitch. I am guessing it is a WordPress issue.


  7. Hi Donna, The link doesn’t seem to be working! Can you email me the PDF? Thank you 🙂

  8. Hello,
    I live in California and found your website tonight – thank you for all the useful blog posts you have done! THM makes a little more sense to me now. Could I trouble you to email the pdf of your weekly menu plan? It looks like the link isn’t working. Thanks again!

  9. Hi Donna,

    The link is not working. Could you please email me a copy? This is all very confusing and difficult for a very fussy eater.
    Thank you

    • Hi Danyell,

      THM is a great method for losing weight – despite being confusing at times! I used to be 98 kilograms, and after being married for 20 years, I am now back to the weight I was before I was married – 79kilograms. That’s a loss of nearly 20kgs! Woo Hoo. (And I haven’t read the book, just relied on my beautiful wife and what she has found out.)

      You can see the menu-planner week One here: (

      Thanks, Daniel (techie at Aussie Mamas).

  10. Marion Carter

    I’ve just started THM & I’m finding I don’t get hungry after my S breakfast in the morning, usually eggs & bacon maybe with mushrooms, capsicum & perhaps a tomato, sauteed, and most times a Bullet proof coffee. I don’t usually eat again till tea time & even then am not always hungry. I have read that we should have snacks as well but I can’t see the point if I’m not hungry.
    I have approximately 30kgs to drop.
    Also am I eating too much fat? I don’t have a problem with it except that I thought I may be eating too much; coconut oil, butter, cream and the fat that comes with bacon & meat.
    I don’t have any carbs. And have just started having some Almond/Coconut bread which I baked & some skinny chocolate.
    I’m not noticing any weight loss in my clothes and I don’t have any scales too check. So I guess I’m not sure if I’m doing it properly.
    Hope to hear from you,

    P.S. Your ‘THM Simplified’ page doesn’t seem to be working

    • Hi Marion, sometimes when we have been use to not eating breakfast, it is hard to get our metabolism revving. It is important though to supply our metabolism with frequent meals so that it turns into a fat burning machine rather than a fat storing machine. How are you after an E breakfast of maybe Trim Healthy mama pancakes?


    Hi Donna,
    Man, I wish I had known this was here last week!! Lol, I too know how much time one of these takes, as I have been working on a 4 week food plan myself that looks identical to this one! I’m organising it with a Shopping List for each week so after the first time I’ve ordered each weeks groceries on Woolworths online shopping and the list has been saved, all I have to do is go back to that weeks list and omit the things I still have enough of and add a few others like toilet paper etc and I’m good to go! You’ve gotta make life easier for yourself aye or it can sometimes become easy to slip out of new healthy routines. So yeah, just wanted to say that I appreciate how much time goes into making a meal plan and shopping list, and with 9 kids to boot, you are doing a great job!!! Well done mama!

    • Thanks! It does take time but anything worthwhile has a cost I think. No pain, no gain kinda thing 🙂 I would love to see some of your weekly plans.

  12. hi just wondering, where do you get your sweeteners and glucomannan and what brands do you use? thanks

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  14. I am brand new to this site. I read that one THM’s book (one where sibs are in denim clothes) over 600 pps…Lordy! I am a Very Bottom Line gal; soooo cut to the point. THANK you for the charts and to the point ideas…! Also spouse and I both get very low blood sugar if we don’t eat Protein at Breakfast. Sweet n’ carbs don’t cut it for us. Spouse works 12 HOUR shifts ; yep that’s correct. SO spouse can Not eat ‘every 3-4 hrs as it is ONE very Busy Hospital…Ideas ???

    • Hi,
      Glad you found your way here. Working a 12-hour shift is hard work! Can hubby pack some protein bars or salad in jar that he can quickly eat during break times? I would also have some nuts in a little zip-loc bag and keep it handy for between meal times. Pinterest also has some great THM ideas where you might find some inspiration. Hope those suggestions help just a little.

  15. Hi Donna,
    Forgive my ignorance but I am wondering what the page reference numbers on the meal plan refer to? This is a great site. Thank you for all your thoughts and effort we appreciate it.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Sharon, the page numbers refer to the recipes in the original Trim Healthy Mama book.

      • Dear Donna,
        I have all three books now have you planner for the week but I went to do cottage blueberry porridge on p 230 and couldn’t find it? so I improvised but would love to know how it was done to see how close I was?

        • Hello Margaret, the Cottage Blueberry Porridge is down the bottom of page 230 in the original THM book. If you still can’t find it, I will email you the recipe 🙂

  16. Hi Folks. I MUST have AllBran every morning or …. Can you PLEASE tell me how much I can have (with Almond Milk) and how I can add protein to make it THM-Kosher?

    • Hi, Allbran is not on plan even if having with almond milk. There are many breakfast options that can provide adequate fibre. Donna.


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