Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List

I receive many emails from women asking me for a Trim Healthy Mama shopping list to help kick start their THM journey.

It is a great idea to have your pantry stocked with Trim Healthy Mama staples. You can then very quickly and easily throw together a scrumptious meal or snack that will help keep you on plan.

All you need for success is a simple meal plan and a pantry stocked with healthy staples, and you will have no reason to grab that sugar laden biscuit or off plan lunch. You will be able to withstand the urge to resort back to old eating habits or even grab take away food on those nights where you just can’t be bothered.

All the basic staples I need to make many meals are already in my cupboards. This way I make sure I have healthy ‘building blocks’ for most THM meals I like to make. I can also flip through the recipe books or Pinterest and cook to my hearts content.

Each week I make a shopping list with items that will supplement my pantry full of THM staples. This helps me to not give in to old temptations. I tend to buy in bulk when things are on special and then make sure I buy enough to last until the next cycle of specials come along. I have found in my local shops, the specials seem to run every 4-6 weeks. Yours may be similar. This way, I keep my budget under control. 

I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama plan for almost 2 yrs now and I have a really good idea of what I should keep stocked in my pantry so that on plan meals are quick and easy to make. As you get familiar with the Trim Healthy Mama plan and develop your own preferences, you too, will have a great idea about what staples work best for your family. 

A big THANK-YOU to Bonnie for sharing this Trim Healthy Mama Shopping List. Print it out and take it along with you when you go shopping. That way you can check out the specials and buy all those on plan ingredients. You can take this list to Woolworths or Coles and you should be able to find most items. Some of the speciality items may need to be found in a health food shop or online.

My pantry staples I am never without:

° Coconut Oil – I love this stuff! I love to fry my eggs in it most mornings and it is the basis for Skinny Chocolate. I have never run out of this staple in over 12 years.

° Beans & Lentils – I keep black, Great Northern, pinto, kidney and garbanzo beans, as well as red and brown lentils on hand at all times. Beans and lentils are so versatile and a great source of cheap protein. If you’re really trying to stretch your grocery dollars, go meatless 1-2 nights a week. If you want to save even more money, buy dry beans and prepare them yourself. Here are some of my favorite meals to use beans and lentils in: Spicy Red Lentil Soup, THM Chilli Con Carne, Healthy Chocolate Cake.

° Canned Tomato products – If I do not have diced tomatoes, passata, and tomato paste in my pantry, I feel like we have nothing in the house to eat. The number of dishes you can create with tomatoes is unbelievable. They certainly form the base for so many of our family meals.

° Quinoa – This staple sure packs a HUGE nutritional punch. Quinoa is definitely a super food, packed with protein, fiber, folate, magnesium and is very low on the glycemic index. It is VERY simple to prepare and is very tasty. My kids love the stuff which is an added bonus. 

° Brown Rice – Not as nutritionally superior as quinoa, brown rice is still a staple in our house. It is more budget friendly than quinoa and makes a nice side giving more substance to an E meal. We have recently changed over to brown basmati rice and we are enjoying the change.

° On Plan Sweeteners – my two favorite on-plan sweeteners are THM Sweet Blend and THM Gentle Sweet. These are favorites because they do not have any after taste and there are no fillers meaning I use less to make food sweet. I also love supporting the folks at THM who have worked tirelessly to bring the best and most pure products that they can possibly find.

° Almonds – I love to make Crispy Almonds as a quick and easy snack to grab as I run out the door. I soak them overnight with a little ACV and then dry them in the oven for about 24 hours. One day I would love a real dehydrator.  I also use these to make my own almond milk and almond flour, grinding as I need. That way I know the almond flour is fresh. This flour is great for making many sweet baked goodies. 

° Spices – We love spices for cooking in our home and have a large spice shelf to prove it. Properly seasoned food is amazing and really helps one feel satiated. If we are satiated while eating a meal, I think we tend to eat less. The spices I use most are: chilli powder, cumin, cinnamon, coriander, onion powder, ginger, garlic powder, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes, oregano, and basil. I can also make my own seasoning blends such as taco seasoning, creole and curry powder. Not only am I saving money over those packets you buy at the shop, but I’m also eliminating MSG and other chemical additives from my family’s diet.

° Chicken Stock – I use chicken stock in all sorts of ways. Definitely as a good liquid in soups, but I also cook my rice and quinoa in chicken stock for a much richer flavor.  

° All Natural Peanut Butter –  I often have a teaspoon when I have an apple for a quick snack.

° Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – ACV has so many health benefits and uses. It is a great fat burning tool and is key to the Good Girl Moonshine.



 A big THANK-YOU to Bonnie for sharing this list.



  1. Great list, Donna! Thanks heaps. 🙂


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