S Meals for Weightloss

If you have been following the Trim Healthy Mama Australian group on Facebook, you will know and love Sheryn. Sheryn is one of the most knowledgeable mamas around on all things THM. If you have a question, Sheryn will graciously share what she knows or find the answer for you. She is indeed one of our unsung heroes. We love you Sheryn 🙂

Recently, Sheryn shared some tips on how to put together S meals. Most of us find S meals easy to add to our diets. They are yummy, satisfying and the one meal most Mamas feel comfortable with. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when putting together an S meal.

There are lots of questions on the types of S meals we can eat on the Trim Healthy Mama plan. This is not knowledge you need if just starting out, but for those wanting a little more knowledge, or those mamas needing to refine their eating, or those of us still struggling to lose weight.

S Meals in order of effectiveness for weight loss:

Deep S. . .

Very basic, pure S fats. These are fats without any carbs, like butter, oils and eggs, eaten in liberal quantities. An example would be a green salad with chicken breast doused liberally in olive oil or eggs with diced zucchini fried in butter.

Serene and Pearl warn not to have too many deep S meals as they are real fat burners!

Light S. . .

Most non-starchy vegetables or FP ingredients with just enough fuel to make it an S. Green salad with chicken with the skin on and no dressing. Eggs with cabbage and zucchini cooked in a very light spray cooking oil.

Pure S. . .

A couple of fat sources, still fairly light, teamed with non-starchy vegetables or FP veg.

Eggs and bacon with mushrooms and spinach cooked in a light spray of cooking oil.

Green salad, chicken with skin and avocado and a Trimmy Light.

Heavy S. . .

These are great satisfying meals. However, if you are having a heavy S meal every day, you will notice very, very slow weight loss.

Heavy S meals have multiple sources of pure and other fats. Please remember: “We don’t count calories, but calories count” and these meals are calorie dense.

Eggs, bacon, vegetables cooked in butter, avocado and a full Trimmy.

Green salad, avocado, chicken with skin on, drizzled in mayo, and topped with cheese and pine nuts.


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