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This THM Sweet Blend is the perfect combination of two natural sweeteners – non GMO erythritol and THM Organic Pure Stevia Extract. Both are diabetic friendly, certified Kosher and offer numerous health benefits and have no impact upon blood sugar.

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Introducing Sweet Blend! Muffins, cakes, cookies and shakes can all be yours while your waist whittles down! This blend is the perfect combination of two natural sweeteners, non GMO erythritol and our Organic Pure Stevia Extract Powder. Both are diabetic friendly, certified Kosher, offer numerous health benefits and have no impact upon blood sugar. Our Sweet Blend looks and acts similar to regular sugar (although it is a little sweeter) without the negative health and weight consequences . It is heat stable and offers bulk to your baked goods, so you’ll love it for baking, along with all your other sweetening needs. For many of our “Drive Thru Sue” mamas, it “feels” more conventional than using stevia extract alone. There are many stevia blends on the market but unfortunately, the majority of them use fillers that won’t do your health or waistline any favors. Stevia that is blended with sugar, dextrose, fructose or maltodextrin can raise your blood sugar and nix the slimming aspect of your Trim Healthy Mama treats. We don’t want you to unknowingly sabotage your progress by using ingredients that can be harmful rather than helpful. We are making available to you the very blend we have in our own kitchen cupboards and use to create our Trim Healthy Mama recipes. About Trim Healthy Mama: Our story started with two sisters who wrote a book about food freedom for women and called it Trim Healthy Mama. It was a self-published book with no expectations, no advertising budget, and no celebrity endorsements. It became a movement as word caught on and friends shared their success “on plan” with others. Trim Healthy Mama became a best-seller, inspired a viral community, and developed a food line. Now, tens of thousands have reclaimed their health and become Trim Healthy Mama lifers.

On plan for your success!

Love from Serene and Pearl at the Trim Healthy Mama Kitchen Headquarters

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