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Lose the Last 5 Kilos – week 4

Week 4 has rolled around and I have kept off about 3 kilos. This week I felt my supply of mamas milk for Sweet Pea was a little lean again and so lots of crossovers and skinny chocolate was added to the menu. Maybe the other kilos will have to stay around until I have weaned her. There does seem to be a group of mamas whose bodies need that last 5 kilos to keep a good supply of milk for their babies. If my curves (let’s be honest – my rolls) are helping to provide a great food source for my baby, I’m more than happy to sit at this weight for a little longer.

I still haven’t managed to add an exercise routine to my week so maybe this week I can focus on that. I have been looking at a few 8-12 week programs that promise to turn me into a fitness model after the required time – with a six pack to boot! I’m not convinced of their claims so maybe I will just pull out a few exercise DVD’s hiding in the bottom of my wardrobe.

Here is this weeks menu. Hope it gives you some ideas. I am sorry about the lack of choice in breakfasts. It is one meal that I just need to keep the same most weeks – lest I lose my mind. There are also a few repeat dishes from the last few weeks at the kids request.


S – 2 eggs fried in coconut oil and half an avocado (p.245 new THM cookbook)

S – omelette with red onion & bacon, served with greens drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

E – toasted chocolate muesli (p. 255 new THM cookbook) with raspberries and a collagen tea for extra protein – my kids LOVE this breakfast

E – Banana Bread Crockpot Oatmeal (p.257 new THM cookbook)

E – THM pancakes p. 259 for me and soaked wheat pancakes for the kids. This is a standard Saturday breakfast for us and has been for years. We cook the pancakes on the bbq to make it super quick. Serve with berry coulis, pancake syrup (new book) and yoghurt for me – honey and butter for the kids.


Lots of salads this week – just because I feel like it. Kids will have salad or sandwiches

S – Better than Chef Salad (p.197 new THM cookbook)

S – Salad in a Jar with a tin tuna or salmon – I will make up 3 this week to save time (also in the book – p.188 new THM cookbook)

E – Small-Budget Big-Taste Salad (p.185 new THM cookbook)

E – Lean deli meat and salad on Goodness Barley Wrap

S –  Pumpkin Soup with golden flat bread (p.203 new THM cookbook) – we have 15 home grown pumpkins to use up


S – BLT Frittata with large salad (p.74 new THM cookbook)

S –Healthy Crumbed Fish with large tossed salad – so yummy we are having it again

S – Orange Chicken (p.72 new THM cookbook) with rice for the kids

E – Wipe Your Mouth BBQ (p.43 new THM cookbook)

E – Sweet Potato Oat Soup (p.102 new THM cookbook) – so yummy we are having it again

S – Spaghetti Bolognaise and garden salad – served over troodles for me, pasta for kids (p.222 new THM cookbook)

S – Cajun Cream Chicken with Cauli rice for me, rice for kids (p.36 new THM cookbook)


E – apple or orange with a few almonds or a collagen tea

E – hummus with a small handful of corn chips

FP – 2 ryvittas with laughing cow cheese and slice deli meat

S – Blueberry Muffins

S – Skinny Chocolate

FP – Cottage Berry Whip (p.374 new THM cookbook)

Have a great week!!




  1. Hi Donna,
    You may already be aware of this, but just in case you aren’t aware and are interested… I was overjoyed to find konjac noodles at Woolworths this week. Brand “Slendier”. They came in spaghetti, noodle, and rice style. They were on sale this week for $3/400g, which the box says makes 2 servings. (usual cost $3.70/box). They are also available by mail order direct from Slendier, but at a slightly higher cost. I have stocked up, but have yet to make a meal that uses them. I hope they taste good, because I was so happy to find them (and on sale) that I now have a shelf full! Just like “Dreamfields” pasta, I had put the konjac noodles on the “I wish I lived in America” list, to have access to them. Very happy mama to have found them.

    It’s interesting that you have been looking at a few exercise programs to turn you into something you currently aren’t. (Although you look great, IMHO). I too was looking for something different/extra, and have just spent the $59 on the Fit Yummy Mummy program (mentioned in the exercise section of the THM book)… maybe I signed up for the wrong thing… this one takes 16 weeks! I rationalised the cost by the fact that this is equivalent to about 1 month gym membership, and hopefully it will keep me interested for much longer than that month (and other family members may also benefit from this).

    This week, I finally reached the maximum weight of my healthy weight range. Still plenty of scope to lose more, but at least I have achieved my first goal – normal!!. It took me 10 (LONG, HARD, EXERCISE filled) weeks to lose that 4kg, so I feel that I have earned it, and don’t want to go backwards.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and journey. Good on you for considering the needs of your baby, and eating wisely and healthily for both of your needs.

    God Bless,
    Love Paula

    • Great to hear from you again Paula!
      Well done on reaching the first goal you set for yourself. It feels so good to achieve a goal doesn’t it? I have managed 3 sessions of Michelle Bridges workout videos this week. I am sore but determined to try and add this as a regular part of my week. I brush my teeth and hair every day and so surely I can also make time for exercise. The more I have been reading about the benefits of exercise and what happens to our body when we do some, the more I am starting to think that I need an attitude adjustment. If I regard exercise as necessary to my health as brushing my teeth, then I think I might have more success including it in my week.

      Let me know how you find Fit Yummy Mummy. There are a lot of programs out there and some fit us better than others.

      In regards to the Slender noodles, I use a little for the one serve soups in the THM cookbook. Otherwise, I use zoodles for spaghetti bolognaise etc. It sounds like you got a great bargin on your stock. I find that if I rinse the noodles well, they are quite satisfying.

      I love hearing your journey and thanks so much for sharing.


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