Lose the Last 5 Kilos – week 3

Lose the Last 5 Kilos – week 3 and I have fallen off the bandwagon – kinda.

My little cherub was born 9 months ago and this past week my hormones changed. Crazy emotions and a noticeable drop in my supply resulted in eating – lots. Hungry was my new normal. So I ate and ate and ate. My food of choice was the healthy cross-over variety with more than a few off-plan ingredients. Soaked wheat pancakes with butter and real maple syrup, mashed potato, crackers and cheese. You get the picture. Oh, don’t  forget the Mother’s Day chocolates.

With all this eating, I was sure I would see some collateral damage. I am super happy to report that I can’t see any. This shows me that I need to listen to the signals my body is sending me, especially in this season of feeding another little human.

Fear not though, this next week I will jump straight back on the THM bandwagon. After over two years of eating this way, I have no intention of ever going back. Some of the changes I have seen are balanced blood sugar levels, no more unexplained dizzy episodes, no gall bladder pain, almost no hormonal breakouts and smaller jeans.

On the menu this week:


No change here except the muffins. This menu works so well for us we are keeping it.

S – Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

S – omelette with onion, bacon, and mushroom, served with rocket drizzled with olive oil and balsamic – toad in the hole for the kids

E – toasted chocolate muesli (p. 255 new THM cookbook) with raspberries and a collagen tea for extra protein – my kids LOVE this breakfast

E – porridge with 1/4 cup blueberries and sweetened with xylitol or super sweet blend – for extra protein, I either have a collagen tea or add 0% greek yoghurt

E – THM pancakes p. 259 for me and soaked wheat pancakes for the kids. This is a standard Saturday breakfast for us and has been for years. We cook the pancakes on the bbq to make it super quick. Serve with berry coulis, pancake syrup (new book) and yoghurt for me – maple syrup and butter for the kids.


There are lots of single serve meals this week so the kids will be having toasted cheese sandwiches, pasta and left-overs.

S – Two-minute Nutty Noodles (p.79 new THM cookbook)

S – A big salad with a tin tuna or salmon, drizzled with olive oil

E – Lentil Soup (p.89 new THM cookbook)

E – Lean deli meat and salad on Goodness Barley Wrap

E –  Nicey Ricey Salad (p.304 original THM cookbook)

FP – Cheesy Dream Soup (p.119 new THM cookbook)

FP – Cajun Cottage Cheese Salad (p.303 original THM cookbook)


FP – Trim Train Taco Soup

S – Slow Fajitas (p.53 new THM cookbook)

S – Healthy Crumbed Fish with large tossed salad

E – Wicked White Chili (p.37 new THM cookbook)

E – Cowboy Grub (p.59 new THM cookbook)

S – Cashew Chicken (p.65 new THM cookbook)

S – Rich and Tender Stew with buttered greens & brown rice for the children


FP – Hot Chocolate Trimmy (p.431 new THM cookbook)

FP – Cottage Berry Whip

FP – Shake Gone Nuts (p.411 new THM cookbook)

E – Roasted Crispy Garbanzos (p.397 original THM cookbook)

E – Fruit with a collagen tea (p.436 new THM cookbook)

S – Boiled eggs with a little Body-burn Mayo (p.470 new THM cookbook)

S – Greek Yoghurt with Slim Berry Jelly (p.478 new THM cookbook)



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