Lose the Last 5 Kilos – week 2

Yet another week has past and it only feels like a few days. Where does the time go?

Week two looked a lot like last week with the addition of a few cross-overs and off plan meals. I noticed my milk supply drop off so it was a deliberate choice between making milk or losing weight. I want to keep providing my 9 month old with as much milk as possible, and adding cross-overs gives it a real boost. A few pieces of homemade bread toasted and smothered with natural peanut butter and honey does wonders for supply.

The scale has jumped up and down a bit BUT I am consistently down one hole on my belt and so I see that as progress towards my goal. I kept up the added incidental exercise and would love for the chance to add some designated time one day soon, but it just isn’t the season for it right now I guess. There is so much to do on a daily basis as it is with homeschooling and caring for a home with 11 individuals in it.

I find motherhood consistently filled with this kind of tension. That constant pull between what I know needs to happen and the reality of what I can actually achieve. My ‘to do lists’ are seemingly larger than my available time to complete them. And so I struggle with what things on my ‘to do list’, are the most important. They are often not what society tells us is important. I don’t want to end each day beating myself up for not ticking everything off. I want to linger and savour these days with a full house because it will end before I am ready for it. I gwt one small window of opportunity and I want to make choices that count. Seeing my older children about to launch out on their own, I realise the time with my younger ones will also race towards their departure day.

I allowed myself to get distracted, sorry. Back to the point of this post – Lose the last 5 kilos.

Here is my meal plan for the week. You will notice a lot of the same items from last week. If it’s not broken why fix  it?


S – Grab and go berry muffins – look for recipe on the blog soon

S – omelette with onion, bacon, and mushroom, served with rocket drizzled with olive oil and balsamic – toad in the hole for the kids

E – toasted chocolate muesli (p. 255 new THM cookbook) with raspberries and a collagen tea for extra protein – my kids LOVE this breakfast

E – porridge with 1/4 cup blueberries and sweetened with xylitol or super sweet blend – for extra protein, I either have a collagen tea or add 0% greek yoghurt

E – THM pancakes p. 259 for me and soaked wheat pancakes for the kids. This is a standard Saturday breakfast for us and has been for years. We cook the pancakes on the bbq to make it super quick. Serve with berry coulis, pancake syrup (new book) and yoghurt for me – maple syrup and butter for the kids.


Soups feature again this week for all the same reasons. Easy to make and easy on the budget.

All meals are served with wholemeal bread and butter for the kids.

S – Tomato soup with cheddar herb biscuits (p.197 new THM cookbook)

S – A big salad with a tin tuna or salmon, drizzled with olive oil

E – Morrocan Spiced Lentil Soup (p.104 Thermomix Basic Cook Book)

E – Lean deli meat and salad on Goodness Barley Wrap

E – Cream of Sweet Stuff Soup (p.114 new THM cookbook)

S – Spinach and Feta Quiche

S –  Pumpkin Soup with golden flat bread (p.203 new THM cookbook)


S – Lasy Lasagna with large salad (p.140 new THM cookbook)

E – Chilli Con Carne with green beans and rice (using kangaroo mince which is low in fat)

S – Taco’s and salad. I will have Wonder Wraps(p.204 new THM cookbook) in place of taco shells

E – Golden Channa Dhal Soup (p.99 new THM cookbook)

E – Sweet Potato Oat Soup (p.102 new THM cookbook)

S – BBQ meat and salad – great for having guests over, serve with crusty bread for children

S – Chicken with mustard cream sauce and buttered broccoli, mashed potato for the children


E – apple or orange with a few almonds or a collagen tea

E – hummus with a small handful of corn chips

FP – 2 ryvittas with laughing cow cheese and vegemite

S – Grab and go berry muffins – look for recipe on the blog soon

S – Skinny Chocolate

S – Chocolate fudge brownies with a small amount of cream

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own menu. I love to hear some of what you are serving in your kitchen. Have a great week!





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  1. Hi Donna! I’m enjoying reading through this series on the last 5 kilos. I’m in a similar position except for the feeding baby part. My youngest is 11. But I’ve been in that holding pattern of maintaining just above my goal weight and I stumbled upon your articles. Thanks for the motivation. I sort of lost the plot over Easter holidays, enjoying a few too many treats. So anyway, speaking of treats, what recipe do you use for the Chocolate Fudge Brownies listed in the snacks?


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