Hello Trim Healthy Mamas!

Hello Trim Healthy Mamas! Welcome to the Aussie Mamas blog and recipes website. I have finally taken the plunge and jumped into the world of blogging. Dan, my husband, will be smiling from ear to ear as he has been encouraging me to enter the blogging world for a number of years. I had many excuses; too busy, too many responsibilities, too tired, too much to do already.

The catalyst came after reading the book, Trim Healthy Mama, by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. This book has changed my life. I have finally lost the excess mummy tummy that I had been carrying around after my last few babies were born. My addiction to sugar and more specifically lots and lots of chocolate has been broken. But don’t worry, I still eat chocolate, only this stuff helps me lose weight. I love food. I love comfort food, and I also love feeding the many visitors to my home great tasting food. The problem is dessert always follows dinner when guests are over, and I have an abundance of yummy dessert recipes all containing copious amounts of sugar and carbs. This is where Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett’s, Trim Healthy Mama plan has changed how I do food.

Trim Healthy Mama has brought together a lot of the research and diet health ideas I have been reading about for over a decade. It made perfect sense and it worked! As I shared about the success this book had for me others wanted to join in and asked for help with where to begin. A common theme was the desire for a menu plan in the first week that would clearly lay out what to eat and when. I wrote up a weekly menu plan and passed it on to a few friends.

As more people requested this help, the idea of aussie mamas was conceived. Friends and others on the Australian Trim Healthy Mama facebook group asked for help. They requested a menu planning tool, the ability to share recipes, shopping list generator, conversion charts, and ready-made menu plans for those first few weeks of living the Trim Healthy Mama way. And the shop. A place to source most of the specialty products in one location.

In true Donna style, I jumped right in and told people that I would create a website and an app that would do all this and more. I got the website thing happening but the app will have to wait. Getting a blog and website up and running in two weeks while homeschooling my 8 children was a crazy idea! Who was I kidding? For those of you who know me personally, you know how kinda crazy I can be at times. You are probably just shaking your head right now and laughing out loud. Enjoy!  It is my pleasure to bring some joy and laughter to your day.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat



  1. Kerri Winterswyk

    Great concept, great site

  2. Britta Ford

    Looking fantastic as I sit here eating my tummy tucking ice cream.

  3. Hi Donna, I am looking forward to watching this site develop. Thank you for putting all that work into it, I hope we can support you in your venture.

    • Deb, I too am keen for this site to be a community effort. I am hoping everyone will submit information and research they have found as well as recipes to help each other along as we strive to be feed our families healthy foods and live in a way that promotes health for our bodies and those we care for.

  4. Good on you!! You are seriously a super mum. I’m looking forward to watching this little baby grow & to cheer you on!

  5. Fantastic Donna… Cheering you all the way.. Thankyou

  6. REALLY looking forward to being able to source ingredients from you, and even more, seeing RECIPE’S!! I want to see colored pictures, step by step instructions and ingredients I can buy in australia perhaps from you! I used to be a great cook, but nothing seems to work!! Help!

    • Step by step pictures . . .I will have to do a crash course on food photography. Yes, the recipe side is what started it all and I am busy looking for the best option to help all us busy mamas.

  7. Well done Donna! God bless you and your DH on your new THM venture.

    I’m looking forward to ordering from you.

    • Thanks so much Susan for your kind words. There are so many great products I want to stock, so many blog post I want to write and I want it all done yesterday. My good friend Britta said one step at a time. Trying to remember that.

  8. Well done Donna I am so looking forward to watching this site grow and seeing other’s general health improve through THM and sharing of ideas, recipes, menu’s. I can’t wait to start shopping. All the best !!!

    • Narelle, I couldn’t agree more. I love the THM way of eating and I am looking forward to gathering a database of recipes that suit our Australian eating habits.

  9. Donna, what hard work you have put into all of this. WELL DONE & THANK YOU!!!! I’m still taking THM in baby steps (1 meal a day) & look forward to being able to purchase things needed from you & also all of the invaluable tips from other THM! My God bless you for helping all of us xoxo All the best!

    • Thanks Vicky. THM is so flexible that baby steps is exactly how you should start. One meal at a time and then one day at a time. Be forgiving of mistakes and slip ups and realise that we are making changes that will help change our health for life.

  10. Anne Campbell

    Hey Donna, this looks fantastic – well done! And keep doing it. I will follow your page as I am able. Heaps busy getting ready to leave down here. luvu.

  11. Bert Winterswyk

    Fantastic Donna,
    Let’s pray that your site will be hugely successful, not just for you and the family, but mainly for the difference it can make to the health of all who follow your life changing health and eating regimen

  12. Lyndell Williamson

    Good for you, Donna! Although, I don’t know what took you so long to do this blogging thingo. It’s not like you had anything keeping you busy! 🙂

    It was so lovely meeting you the other day and, after a quick skim of your first blog it seems we have even more in common than I thought …… I have a sugar addiction, with a particular fondness for chocolate!

    I look forward to reading your blogs. All the best with this venture!

    Kind regards,

    • Yes, I don’t know what took me so long either – so much free time on my hands. I really enjoyed meeting your lovely family the other day, too. Hoping we can catch up again soon.
      My sugar addiction is dead but my love of chocolate is alive and well and the great news is that with some great products like Pure Stevia Extract, chocolate is still daily fare for me 🙂

  13. Can I sign up to your newsletters?

    • Hi Nina, I haven’t really got a newsletter but I have offered four weeks of meal plans for subscribers. Just look for the meal plan button on the right hand side of the Aussie Mamas website. We have had an extended break due to family business and holidays and will soon be back to writing weekly posts. When that happens I will also have a subscribe button for these blog updates. Thanks for asking.

  14. Hello,
    Our son has shown an allergy to something…we think it’s gluten and a1 milk. Will you be blogging more about allergies? Thanks!

  15. Melinda Golding

    Hello, I live in Toowoomba. Does anyone know where I can buy glucomannan powder? I’ve been using Xanthum Gum and it really does taste ‘slimy’ in some of the recipes….also, some of the other ingredients, I’ve been supplementing with Australian products but I don’t think the family are getting the full advantage of the meals because they’re not the same. Konjac noodles, defatted peanut flour- where can I get them in Australia? Thank you ladies.

  16. Melinda Golding

    Hahahahaha don’t worry, I just found the Shopping link up the top.

  17. where can you get thm baking blend in australia


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