donna+danielHi and welcome! I’m Donna, and I do the cooking, writing, and food tasting at Aussie Mamas.

This is my husband Daniel, he’s in charge of the tech support and graphics for Aussie Mamas. Together we have nine children who love eating. All the time. We are the Aussie Mamas team.

We love food, family and fun.

In the food department, I love to cook, especially for family and friends. Oh, and parties, I love parties! Each year we host at least one party where I feed over 80 people – self-catered. Some call me crazy, but I love it. I love food, I love family and friends, and I love fun. Oh, I think I already mentioned that.

We don’t follow any one philosophy when it comes to what we eat, but many of our choices stem from my husband’s many food allergies and my desire to maintain a healthy weight. We milk our own cows, make some of our own cheeses and yoghurts, grind our own wheat; you get the picture.

Two books that have been pivotal in my quest to provide good tasting and healthy food are; Trim Healthy Mama and Nourishing Traditions. Trim Healthy Mama has taught me how to kick the sugar habit once and for all and to choose foods that allow for healthy blood sugar control. This ultimately josiah-jeremiahkeeps my family healthy and keeps the kilos from piling up. Nourishing Traditions taught me to embrace good, healthy fats and how to incorporate fermented foods in our diet, a staple of many people groups of the past.

Our family has an appetite for almost anything. We love great tasting and healthy food. I love desserts, especially anything with dark chocolate in it. I try to cook things that are frugal, healthy, and delicious. I adore curry, lentils, and pasta. Oh, and cream and butter. I know we have been told not to eat these saturated fats, but I believe they are not the villains we have been led to believe. I love them all.

Some of my favourite things in life are chocolates, snuggles with my children, Thai food, chatting with friends and strangers, throwing parties and learning more about heart issues like following Jesus, living a simple life, and serving others.

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